How do I prepare to meet a psychiatrist?


Meeting a psychiatrist is like going to any doctor's office.  You do not need to tell the psychiatrist everything from your childhood onwards. Start with symptoms and problems that cause you distress. Use recent examples to describe your symptoms. Over time, you may discuss your past and how it is connected to your current situation. You can decide what you want to discuss; full disclosure of your life isn't expected and needed. It is important to give an approximate time frame of when you first noticed the symptoms.  If it is difficult, ask people closest to you when problems might have started. They may have noticed things you didn't. It doesn't have to be exact. Your psychiatrist may ask you what you want from him after you have told him your story. This is your opportunity to say what you want from treatment.


Treatment for your psychiatric illness is in some way like treating a physical illness and will vary based on the symptoms and situations. However, it is also highly individualized. Treatment isn't finalized during your first meeting with a psychiatristHe will develop a course of action that will help manage your symptoms. Treatment will vary depending on the symptoms, situation, and problems. Everyone with the same illness isn't given the same treatment.  Don't expect a standard treatment plan like buying readymade shirts.  With time, treatment will be adjusted as needed. Your psychiatrist may recommend reviews of your treatment that may range from weekly, monthly to three monthly appointments. These appointments are occasions to better understand the symptoms and problems, to prevent side effects, to learn how to manage them, and to discuss how things are progressing.  You need to constantly try out treatment suggestions and work earnestly with your psychiatrist to get good results. Treatment of psychiatric illness may be brief or lifelong. In either case getting help will improve the quality of your life at least 80% of the people taking treatment. 


Carry all your past medical records, investigation reports, and current medicines, to the psychiatrist when you visit him. It means all information about medical and psychiatric illnesses. This will save you costs by not repeating them unnecessarily. Many psychiatrists can avoid these investigations if you can provide them with past medical information. This will reduce considerably the total cost of your treatment. Remember that one will have to spend a long time with the doctor during the first visit to get clear understanding of the illness. Hence be prepared for waiting while visiting me. Quick prescriptions without understanding the illness can give poor results in the long run.



  • Do not stop medications without your doctor's instructions.
  • When you stop medications by yourself you will find that the illness does not come back immediately in most cases, since the brain has already corrected itself with the help of medicines that you were on for some time earlier. 
  • However, symptoms return later and you will require to restart the medications again. 
  • It takes time to control the symptoms once again because the medicines require time to reach the brain and restart correcting the abnormality of the brain again.
  • Usually it takes about two to three weeks' time. 
  • Make sure you visit the doctor at least once in 3 months always even if you are symptom-free, to check for the correctness of medicines and dosage.



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Few words about stress related problems Vs Psychiatric illnesses: All forms of stress cause anxiety or sadness. However, in most instance, people cope up with it in a short time span by themselves. If anxiety and sadness become more intense, people usually talk to their friends, family or others to learn methods of coping. If it becomes prolonged or if the person gets thoughts of harming himself or harming others psychiatric help is necessary. They are generally called Post-traumatic- stress disorder to differentiate it from the other psychiatric illnesses.


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All the pages of this website are linked to other resources that provide further information on some of the themes. Users of this site is suggested to click on the links provided to learn more before consulting the psychiatrist.

Those who want to add their contributions to the write up on this website may do so by blogging at http://drmjthomas.blogspot.in/. Please restrict yourself only to information that will help patients and families to understand psychiatric illnesses and manage their treatment better.




Dr. Thomas is available for consultation. He will nogt be available on 26th & 27th december 2019. He can be contacted on Mobile 9845003762.


  • Please call 080-42888519/ 080-42888522 for appointments on the same day. Do not ring other numbers. You may get wrong information. Hold on when you hear the ring tone until it is answered.
  • Advance appointments are not given. Only 12 appointments are given, calls starting at 8 am on a first call first appointment basis. If appointments are full when you call, call again at 3 pm to check for cancellations.
  • Please come to the hospital at least 30 minutes before your given appointment time. The last appointment should reach the hospital before 6.30pm.
  • If you are a first-time patient you are given no 1, 2 or 6 as your token number. 1 and 2 should reach the hospital at 3.30pm for registration. During the first visit to the hospital, a long time is taken for evaluation. Hence prepare for spending a long time in the hospital.
  • Avoid Saturdays if you are first time visitor since Saturdays have long waiting time for you because of the rush.


Those who require confidentiality are seen privately in confidential locations. It is, however, more expensive and inconvenient. If it is absolutely necessary as in case of some public figures, you may contact me on 9845003762. There is no difference in the mode of treatment. Hence avoid it if it is not necessary.



Click here for location


(PLEASE NOTE: Sagar Hospital is closed on the following days: 

25/12/19  and all Sundays.)


  • APPOINTMENTS FOR DR. M.J THOMAS: (Monday to Saturday 4 PM to 7 PM, Only 12 patients) Call at 8 am to make sure that you get an appointment since there are only 12 appointments for the day and they get filled very fast. “Token numbers” are issued on call from 8 AM to 4 PM on a “first call gets first number” basis.  
  • Fixed time appointments are not given when you call these numbers since some consultations can take shorter and others can take a longer time. You may adjust the time of your arrival at the hospital according to the token number you get from the hospital (ask for your token number). During the first visit, one should expect quite some waiting period since it takes very long for each patient to make a diagnosis. The hospital gives you only an approximate time to report for registration.


Those who could not get an appointment earlier, can call 080-42888519/080-42888522 between 3 and 4 pm and check if there are any cancellations.


The first consultation starts with detailed work-up on the same day and it takes a very long time. The first consultation  (Rs.2500) is charged double the follow-up consultations (Rs1200). During the first consultation, extensive time is spent on diagnosis and counseling. This will reduce the need for admissions. Cost during admissions is generally very high.


Appointments are given only for the day and no prior appointments are given. Only 9 old patients and 3 new patients are seen each day. 


If you miss an appointment, please cancel it by calling up 080-42888519 so that others can use the slot and you will have to take fresh appointment calling 080-42888519 or 080-42888522  on the day of your next visit. 





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